San Diego Mortgage Expert

Are You working with someone You can trust with Your life-savings?  If Your “loan officer” makes You want to roll Your eyes, then You are not working with the right San Diego Mortgage Expert. I recommend all my Friends, Family and Listeners to Jon Jerotz, “JJ”, with Guaranteed Rate. Not only is he a straight-shooter and great on the Radio Show, but he has an in-depth knowledge of loan programs and financial transaction management that I’ve never seen before.  He knows ways to save You money that You would never think of…

There are plenty of people out there who would Love to do a Home Loan with You, but the question is, who do YOU want to do a Home Loan with? You know where I stand… I’ve gone on the record every day, that I truly believe JJ is the most trust-worthy, friendly, and easy-to-reach San Diego Mortgage Lender I’ve ever been in touch with and I’ve been in touch with A LOT.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Give him a call Yourself and tell me what You think. 1-855-462-7555  I’d love Your feedback.


About Derrick Evens, "Mr. Credit"
The K.E.Y. to getting ahead and staying ahead in this life is to Keep Educating Yourself. Knowledge will give you a better chance at Success and Happiness, but will ensure you make Smart decisions for you and your family. I work hard every day to help bring as much knowledge to as many people as I possibly can. Join me.

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