San Diego Mortgage Rates Drop Again!

San Diego MortgageOk, I can’t believe it, but it’s happened.  Mortgage Rates in San Diego have dropped again.  We are now under 4% for 30 year fixed rate mortgages!  I am befuddled for a number of reasons, but instead of trying to figure out HOW this is possible, let’s focus on what You should do…

First, if You are in the process of Refinancing, make sure Your loan is LOCKED right now.  The sooner the better.

Second, if You are in the process of buying a home, go ahead and LOCK Your rate right now.  Even if You think it’s going to take 60 days to close and You lose 1/8 of a % by extending the lock out, just do it.  Trust me.

Third, if You own Real Estate in San Diego and You just bought Your home or think You have a good interest rate, think again.  There is a VERY good chance that You can save money right now and You need to take a look. There are some tough times ahead of this Country and the Financial and Real Estate markets.  Any money that can be saved, SHOULD be saved.

I’m dead serious, this opportunity could be gone tomorrow.  Take action now.  Call the Mr Credit Save Money Mortgage line at 855.462.7555 or email me below about how to save money on Your San Diego Mortgage.  I’ll help You figure it out for Free.


About Derrick Evens, "Mr. Credit"
The K.E.Y. to getting ahead and staying ahead in this life is to Keep Educating Yourself. Knowledge will give you a better chance at Success and Happiness, but will ensure you make Smart decisions for you and your family. I work hard every day to help bring as much knowledge to as many people as I possibly can. Join me.

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