Is the Stock Market going to Crash? San Diego Mortgage Rates hit ALL-TIME LOW

Today, San Diego Mortgage Rates hit an All-Time Low of 4.15% for a 30-year fixed rate. Of course, this happened at the expense of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which was down over 400 points.

Use the facts presented in the above video, and ask Yourself what You think is going to happen. Do NOT put this off any longer. You need to make a decision about Your Investments as soon as possible.

I was wrong about Mortgage Rates. I didn’t think they could possibly go any lower, but they have. Could Rates go even lower from here? If they do, it won’t be much and the risk/reward of locking Your rate now vs. waiting isn’t worth it. If You want to Refinance or Re-Strategize Your mortgage, don’t wait one more minute.

I’m here to help if You need me and it’s 100% Free. Optimizing Your San Diego Mortgage is probably the best way You can save the Most money in the shortest period of time.